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Simpson Multi-Cooler Sand Cooler

As foundry sand preparation and molding plants become increasingly high-speed and quality-oriented, the control of return sand temperature is essential. the Simpson Multi-Cooler is specifically designed to provide the mixer group with sand that is cooled to temperatures that allow optimal mulling, premixed to eliminate return sand variations and with a moisture content controlled within tight tolerances. The result is optimal mulling and high-quality, profitable castings.


Continuous sand cooler and pre-conditioning system operating on the principle of evaporative cooling.


Sand systems with return sand temperature above 49°C and/or wide variations in return sand properties.


  • Pre-mixing with back-blending and controlled retention
  • High-efficiency cooling to below 49°C or 10°C over ambient
  • Discharge moisture of 2.0% +/-0.2%

Continuous Back-Blending

Continuous back-blending of a large volume of retained sand from multiple molds eliminates any “first-in/first-out” effect and assures complete homogeneity of return sand prior to final mixing.

Pre-Conditioning Makes You More Competitive

The mixer group can operate at optimal performance and efficiency when shakeout sand is continuously cooled, pre-mixed and the moisture is increased and stabilized within a narrow tolerance before final mixing.

(1) A sophisticated control system measures the temperature of the exhaust air and the conductivity of the retained sand to add precisely the required amount of water. This achieves the desired cooling and residual moisture content.

(2) Counter-rotating mixing tool sets mechanically fluidize the retained sand so that cooling air, provided by the inlet blower, and water can be in intimate contact with the sand; thus providing for efficient and effective cooling.

(3) Based on sensors monitoring motor load, the control system adjusts the discharge door opening to maintain a constant volume of sand in the cooler at all times.


Simpson Multi-Cooler Sand Cooler MC100 Front View

Simpson Multi-Cooler Sand Cooler MC100 Front Inside View

Simpson Multi-Cooler Sand Cooler MC100 Inside Slanted View

Simpson Multi-Cooler Sand Cooler MC100 Close-up View

Simpson Multi-Cooler Sand Cooler MC100 Inside Above View

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